• By Susan N.

    I suffered from chronic insomnia for many years before I came to Dr. Jiang for acupuncture treatments. Since I started receiving treatment from her, I’ve been able to sleep well which has vastly improved my quality of life. I am also a runner and have been treated by Dr. Jiang for tendonitis in my Achilles tendon due to the injury. After only a few treatments, I was able to return to running.
    Dr. Jiang is a gentle practitioner, a good listener, and sincerely cares about her patients’ well-being. She is a great resource for our community and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from her skilled and kind medical care.

  • By Mr.Wood

    I was referred to Dr. Jiang by a colleague. She came highly recommended and it became clear why after my first visit with her. She is receptive and compassionate – she listens well and clearly explains what she will be able to do to help.
    My wife has had a more serious illness – chronic digestive disorder for many years. Dr. Jiang has been a wonderful support for her. Our whole family has come to trust Dr. Jiang for medical care. She has been a blessing in our lives and we consider her to be part of our family.

  • By Melanie K.

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Jiang for the past eight years. I love that she could practice Western medicine (she has her doctorate in Medicine) but chooses to practice acupuncture. She has a powerful combination of Eastern and Western knowledge.
    I’ve also been extremely impressed with how strong Dr. Jiang’s sense of intuition is. I’ve even tried tricking her by not telling her what’s bothering me, but after examining my tongue, she has been right 100% of the time- she just knows. She has even called me at home to check up on me! When is the last time your average Western doctor did that?

  • By Suzanne M.

    I’ve been using alternative medicine since I was in my twenties. Having experienced with many different acupuncturists, I know – it is hard to find a good one. In forty years of trying different places, Dr. Jiang provides the best acupuncture I’ve ever had.